Be Proud to Show Off Your Smile

Be Proud to Show Off Your Smile

Come to us for beautiful, affordable dental implants in Rock Hill, SC

Thanks to dental implants from Waters Edge Family Dental, you won't have to worry about a chipped or missing tooth. We can give you the movie star smile you want. You have a few different options to consider when it comes to implants. You can replace a single tooth in a procedure where we insert the implant into the bone to replace the root part of your missing tooth. Then, we place a crown on top to resemble an actual tooth. We can do this with several teeth as well as just one.

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A skilled dentist can get teeth back on the straight and narrow

You can replace all teeth permanently by implanting an entire upper or lower arch, never to be removed. You can also get support for removable dentures, which make your removable dentures more comfortable and healthier to wear. Whatever your needs are, our team has the experience to help you meet your goals with your smile.

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