Complete Your Smile With Dental Implants

Complete Your Smile With Dental Implants

Your top choice for dental surgery in Rock Hill, SC

You can get a full smile by considering dental implants or maintain your smile by removing your wisdom teeth. Waters Edge Family Dental offers both types of dental surgery in Rock Hill, SC. You can depend on us for:

  • Wisdom teeth removal: It's important to take care of your wisdom teeth so that they don't affect your other teeth or cause dental problems down the road. We'll take care of the process from start to finish.
  • Dental implants: It's common for teeth to decay and fall out or get knocked out in an accident. Dental implants can give you a full smile again. We use a variety of dental implant methods tailored to fit your needs.
Count on us to educate you about the procedure so that you know exactly what to expect. Schedule your appointment today by calling 803-328-3891.

Ask us about your sedation options

Sedation or sleep dentistry is a great option if you're afraid of the dentist or have trouble numbing your mouth. As a result of sedation techniques, you'll have little memory of the procedure, which makes the process easier for you. Call today to schedule your dental appointment at Waters Edge Family Dental.