Sleep Your Worries Away With Sedation Dentistry in Rock Hill, SC

Sleep dentistry is a great option if you're afraid of the dentist. It involves taking a pill that induces a state of amnesia or sleep for the duration of the dental appointment.

Advantages of sleep dentistry

You will have little memory of the procedure. If you have dental fear but are still willing to trust the dentist so that you do not want to know what is happening, then this is a great treatment.

If you have problems getting numb for dental procedures, the relaxation induced by sedation dentistry medication strengthens the anesthetic so that you will be numb for the entire procedure.

Another advantage is that this enables you to get a lot of dental work done in one sitting. With the knowledge that you are comfortable, the dentist can concentrate more fully on the procedures. And, with sleep dentistry, you are able to endure long and complex dental procedures.

If you have needle phobia, this works well. Sleep dentistry doesn't eliminate the need for local anesthetic injections. Without the local anesthetic, you would feel some pain. But taking the sedative pill will cause you to not be aware of the injection.

If you get very anxious during dental work, if you tend to faint, or get sweaty palms, this will take away all of those anxieties.