Trust Us With Your Smile

Trust Us With Your Smile

Get stress-free teeth cleaning in Rock Hill, SC

Do you have a dental phobia? Fear of the dentist is surprisingly common, but it doesn’t have to stop you from getting regular dental cleanings. Waters Edge Family Dental offers sedation dentistry to patients in and around the Rock Hill, SC area to help put fears to ease. If you’ve been putting off going to the dentist, turn to us to for stress-free dental cleanings.

All our dental hygienists are experts at what they do. When you trust your teeth cleaning to us, we are careful to create a relaxing experience. Call today to schedule your next cleaning.

Top 3 reasons not to neglect dental cleanings

Many people wait until they have a problem to visit the dentist. Unfortunately, by the time you notice the problem, it may be too late for more conservative treatments. Here are three good reasons why you should never neglect teeth cleaning:

  1. Hygienists may notice small cavities forming before you feel any pain
  2. Trained dental professionals are able to clean your teeth more thoroughly than you can at home
  3. We can offer you personalized advice to help keep your smile healthy

Keeping up with regular dental cleanings will save you money in the long run. Get ahead of dental problems by never neglecting your scheduled cleanings.